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Lexco™ Smart Sculpting Massager
Lexco™ Smart Sculpting Massager
Lexco™ Smart Sculpting Massager
Lexco™ Smart Sculpting Massager
Lexco™ Smart Sculpting Massager
Portable Cool Hot Sculpting Massager 6 - Lexcobody
Portable Cool Hot Sculpting Massager 4 - Lexcobody
Lexco™ Smart Sculpting Massager

Shed Those Unwanted Inches With Real Results!! 

Lexco™ Smart Sculpting Massager

Attention Ladies!! Are you tired of battling with cravings and squeezing into your favourite clothes?

 And does the pressure of societal body standards weigh heavily on your confidence?

Do you avoid Photos and Mirrors because of that unwanted weight and extra inches breaking your confidence and happiness.?

If you are tired of failed diets and feeling out of control (we know you are) but still feel miserable, inadequate and like a failure every day with little to no results (we know you are)...

We understand how frustrating and disheartening this can be, and we can feel the pain as it can take on your confidence and happiness.

Our High-Performance Lexco™ Smart Sculpting Massager helps you shed those unwanted inches noticeably and slip effortlessly back into those beloved outfits without living countless hours in the gym and compromising on any diet or exercise in just a few weeks without breaking the bank or your money back guaranteed. 

Save: $-225.00
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Designed with Your Busy Lifestyle in Mind!

 20 Intensity Levels of Customization

Personalize your workout intensity with 20 Advanced levels of EMS low-frequency pulses for unmatched results.

Automatic Shutdown for Safety

Boasts an automatic shutdown feature, ensuring peace of mind by powering down after 2 minutes of operation-free time.

Portable Cool Hot Sculpting Massager Page (2) - Lexcobody

Therapeutic Cooling and Heating

Enjoy three levels of refreshing cold compress and soothing heat that delivers results you can feel.

High-Powered 3000mah Battery

Stay sculpted and unstoppable with our high-performance battery that offers uninterrupted sessions on the go.

Portable Cool Hot Sculpting Massager Page (3) - Lexcobody

Designed for You, Priced for Everyone!

Imagine a game-changing device that not only tackles your body concerns but does so without draining your wallet.

Whether you're too busy for the gym, hesitant about invasive treatments, or tired of spending a fortune at salons, our Smart Sculpting Massager is here to revolutionize your journey.

Say goodbye to compromise and hello to affordable transformation!


Endless Customization, Maximum Results!

Take charge of your weight loss journey with our Smart Sculpting Massager.

With four EMS modes and twenty pulse levels, it's not just personalized – it's perfection tailored to you.Imagine every pulse and massage bringing you closer to your dream self.

Don't settle for less. Choose empowerment. Choose results. Choose Lexco.

Portable Cool Hot Sculpting Massager Page (4) - Lexcobody
Portable Cool Hot Sculpting Massager Page 1 - Lexcobody

Precision, Portability, Perfection!

Whether you fear invasive treatments, find salon expenses daunting, or struggle with metabolism and weight, we've got you covered.

Say goodbye to temporary solutions and hello to a permanent, healthier & sexier looking you without breaking the bank!

Designed with personalized features and ultimate convenience, it's your key to unlocking confidence and convenience in your sculpting journey.


Drop Pounds Not Confidence!

Break free from the constraints of traditional body-shaping methods with our Portable Cool & Hot Lexco Body™ Smart Sculpting Massager.

 It's not just a solution; it's a game-changer in your journey toward confidence and self-love.So let's say goodbye to the old you and hello to the new, healthier, sexier you!

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Sculpt Your Confidence: Shed Pounds, Not Self-Esteem!